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Friday, September 11, 2009
Why talk about CZ infrared heaters on a site that sells soy candles? Well we had an area in our candle factory that we just couldn't keep heated. We tried other heaters but none of them would give us the heat that we wanted. We hear from a family member about infrared heaters so we did some research on them. After doing our research we decided to buy the CZ infared heater and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

Not only did it heat the area but it did so with ease. In fact because it heats the water molecules in the air we can keep it set at 68 degrees and it feels like 72 degrees. Another nice feature about this heater is that you can set the built in timer to turn the heater on and of at specific times. So we set it to turn on 1/2 before we are ready to go to work in that area and by the time we come in for work it has already heated the area up to a comfortable temperature.

If you are looking for an alternative heat source I would highly recommend a CZ Infrared Heater.

Since CZ Infrared Heaters are a green source of energy I feel comfortable giving them a plug. We have also contracted with them to give away our soy candles with each purchase of a new heater.

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